Casinoeuro aims higher under new leadership

Things change with great speed in the highly competitive world of online gambling and most operators need to adjust to this change.eurooo

Casinoeuro is an important player and the favorite of those who wager on sports, play casino games and poker from the comfort of their home.

Now the company has a new leadership and Richard Glynn was congratulated for his important role in undertaking fundamental changes that are now delivering positive results. It took a while for all these modifications to pay off and the transition process was sometimes slower than expected, but the results are all that matter.

The Board acknowledges the importance of concluding the recovery program and the fact that the changes are now embedded in the core of the entire organization.

Future actions are supposed to be aimed at these structural modifications and promote sustainable growth, so that the company as a whole can thrive. It’s been a while since Richard Glynn was appointed CEO and almost 5 years later, as can be happy with the results and achievements.

The board and Richard agreed that it would be for the best for him to complete his turn, so that the transition from one leadership to the other will be silky smooth. The task at hand is to identify a person that is capable of succeeding him and it is only fair to say that he set the bar very high for the successor.

Remaining in thispost until the process is complete is essential and the CEO agreed that he won’t leave until a successor will be found. In 2015, Casinoeuro intends to set new milestones and conquer new frontiers, by expanding all over the world. The company already has an impressive track record online at the number of customers is on the rise, with many gamblers making the transition from land-based casinos to online operators.

Casinoeuro has been thoroughly transformed and the contribution of both the board and Richard Glynn is self-evident.

They are stronger than ever and their digital capabilities have been greatly enhanced and are competitive enough as to take on equally prestigious companies on their own turf.

The shareholders, the team and the partners are entitled to be optimistic about what the next 12 months will bring, regardless of whom the board will find to be the best successor for Mr. Richard.

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