the first site on the breakdance is a site that is based on breakdancing. It aims to bring together all fans of b-boying through commercials, news, events, …

The topics combines various main headings:

  • v2pg-32-jesus-mural-paWelcome redirects to other sections and has on interactive maps, the main places that host events, groups, related to breakdance
  • « Register your spot » to publish a spot just by filling out the form indicated
  • « Register your crew » saves his crew (group) with the form shown
  • « Crews » presents the main crews known in the world of breakdancing
  • « Music » to dance, you have the music and it is in this section that you may find possible sources of inspiration
  • « Spots » includes all spots published online

The objectives

The site has several objectives:

  • Collect in a community the breakdancers
  • Bring together breakdancers, crews and fans for any shares
  • Provide information on upcoming events breakdance
  • Promote the b-boying worldwide
  • Post General news about the art target audience in general, but specifically:

  • The crews: breakdancing was born from crews and can not survive without
  • Fans: these are the fans that allow different crews to make themselves known and some of them even end up becoming breakdancers turn
  • The musicians: b-boying usually dance with a DJ at the turntables but today, all types of music are accepted.
  • The organizers include several breakdance competitions and tournaments annually and they occur only with the organizers